Thursday, July 16, 2009


WXY222 RM9,700

WFR555 RM10,300

WVJ123 RM4,700

WWD129 RM1,500

WWD399 RM1,800

WKE777 RM13,200

WYF111 RM15,800

WE222 RM23,000

WYE333 RM15,800

WYJ444 RM4,800

WVX877 RM1,500

WYG777 RM12,800

WYF999 RM14,800

WYG999 RM15,300

WYJ999 RM14,800

WYA111 RM17,500

WYJ100 RM6,300

WYD101 RM5,300

WYH108 RM3,300

WYD123 RM6,000

WYB128 RM5,000

WYA161 RM2,800

WYJ177 RM2,800

WYD181 RM4,300

WYA199 RM3,700

WYF200 RM4,300

WYF202 RM3,200

WXX303 RM4,300

WYJ313 RM4,700

WXS500 RM4,300

WYA606 RM2,800

WXV707 RM2,800

WYJ800 RM4,500

WYC848 RM2,800

WYJ878 RM3,300

WXQ909 RM3,200

WXU911 RM4,300

WXT969 RM3,500

WYH989 RM3,800

WYB211 RM2,300

WYJ400 RM2,300

WYJ786 RM3,000

WYK202 RM3,000

WYK232 RM3,200

WYK303 RM4,000

WYK323 RM3,500

WYK363 RM3,300

WYK515 RM3,200

WYK696 RM3,000

WYK707 RM3,200

WYL202 RM3,500

WYL515 RM3,000

WYL717 RM3,300

WYL909 RM3,300

WXG656 RM1,800

WXQ686 RM2,000

WXQ161 RM2,000

WXQ191 RM2,300

WXR606 RM2,300

WXY505 RM2,500

WXY626 RM2,800

WXY747 RM2,300

WYB393 RM2,800

WVX393 RM2,200

WVX595 RM1,800

WVN323 RM3,800

WNK808 RM3,200

WVU191 RM2,800

WVU323 RM4,300

WWB383 RM4,300

WWB505 RM3,200

WWB616 RM3,500

WWB707 RM3,300

WWB737 RM3,200

WWB900 RM4,300

WWD292 RM2,500

WWE565 RM2,400

WWG171 RM3,000

WWG929 RM3,700

WWH181 RM5,800

WWH838 RM5,300

WWH911 RM5,000

WWP101 RM7,800

WWP126 RM5,300

BLP222 RM8,300

BLH555 RM9,300

BLL666 RM8,300

BLN777 RM11,300

BLJ999 RM12,300

BLN999 RM13,300

BHV444 RM6,000

BLL333 RM17,300

BLL100 RM8,000

BLN111 RM13,300

BLJ222 RM7,500

BLP333 RM14,300

AHU126 RM5,000

AHU555 RM9,000

AHS999 RM12,000

AHH333 RM13,300

AHH777 RM11,800

KDB333 RM10,300

QBB600 RM4,400

RK100 RM11,300
RK101 RM10,300
RK222 RM20,800
RK555 RM20,800
RK666 RM17,800
RK777 RM20,800
RK888 RM34,000


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